Well, maybe you won’t freeze to death but still…I’m talking about those cold winter days in Tallin when the wind is so hard you can hardly walk and just cry your eyes out. For sure it can be confusing what to do out of the hotel when the weather’s like that but here’s how I found my way out in this situation (and I’m not kidding about walking and crying!).

1 Go to Old Town first

Go to Old Town in the morning and explore it as thoroughly as you can (hehe). It is surrounded by a huge wall so it’s not windy inside. And here’s the plus of winter Tallin: all those old buildings look even more charming covered in snow.

There are also several view points around the Town where you can easily get to have a look at nice roofs.


2. Find your perfect souvenirs

Souvenir shops are real helpers in Winter ( I know it’s pretty obvious but they can save you)! Tallin is a cheap European city so you don’t have to look for shops out of Old Town as everything is more than just affordable there. So get in, spend 20 minutes staring at cute-cute little houses (maybe buy the 1st ones you see as I did) and continue walking outside with warm hands.

3. Eat pancakes at Kompressor

This is a must-visit if you’re hungry and on a budget: the cafe serves a lot of different pancakes with prices starting from 3 euros! Another good news: they are huge! The only problem there is that its always crowded so the minimum time you have to wait is about 30 minutes.

4. Visit the Harbour Museum

Because it is such a cool place! I usually opt for classic museums while travelling for the sake of art and history, you know.. But this time after looking at the list of Tallin museums and asking my hst for advice I decided that this is the only place I’m gonna go so to spend as much time there as possible! It’s not only interesting inside with all those little boats and the story of sailing sport, military stuff and submarine you can see from inside


4. Take a one day ferry trip to Helsinki or any other city


5. Don’t forget about Old Town at night!