Dambulla is a small quiet town in the central province of Sri Lanka. It is famous for its Golden Temple or cave temple and, of course, Sigiriya – the city on a rock. Missing this place would literally be a sin!

Tired as we were after riding around Anuradhapura we put ourselves into the bus and 1,5 hour later arrived at Dambulla.

The hotel was pretty much the same as the previous one though the dinner was a bit worse. Good side: the electricity went down because of storm so we had a really romantic dinner with rain music and candles for light. That music turned out to be a perfect lullaby…

Next morning we woke up to sunshine (such a relief!) and arranged a sightseeing ride with our host for a whole day. This time we thought that the distances were too long for bike-riding and the price was really good – just 1500 rhupias (about 12 $).

Our first stop was Golden Temple. It’s a cave temple with huge beautiful golden Buddha sitting next to stairs leading to the caves, while the main part is located on a high hill with forests all around.