Hey there! My name is Anastasia. I’m a russian born girl but in my surroundings I’m often taken as a weirdo as my number one goal is to travel more&more, do yoga, eat vegetarian yummies and surf when possible. And that’s what you can mostly hear me talking about with passion and sparkling eyes!

My eternal love for travelling started from my very childhood when my dad (professional alpinist) took our family to the mountains. And I’m happy to say that my memories consist of camping tents, climbing ropes, high Caucasian peaks, jumping off cliffs into cold sea and shining glaciers. My dad shared his passion for exploring new places with me and now I can’t imagine my life without planning a little (or even a big!) runaway:). It doesn;t matter if I’m alone or with my travel buddies my trips are always full of interesting discoveries and adventures. I open my mind to the experience and get to know myself again and again.

A couple of years ago I made a yoga mat my travel companion and we get along really well! Our favourite fun is to teach people how to do headstands and seems like people love it:)

And yet my favorite part of any trip is emerging myself into a new culture by meeting local people, going to their beloved places hidden from tourists’ eyes, trying traditional food (well, as long as it’s vegetarian) and exchanging our stories and lives. Because, like my English textbook proclaimed: “Travelling broadens your mind!” And new people help you broaden it even faster.

SO I’m in a place where I’d love to share my experience and opinions on ‘travelling matters’, see what you, people, think about them and, hopefully, inspire you to go some place beautiful!

What you’ll find on the blog:

 TRAVEL – itineraries and stories from my trips

TIPS – you know, some useful stuff

SPORTS&YOGA – best places to try yoga, surfing or other activities plus some thoughts about why and how it’s better to start

PERSONAL – my thoughts on ‘what the gell is going on with me?’=D